Although engineered wood was considered below par many years ago compared to its solid wood counterpart, the fact is nowadays, these two types of surfacing options are nearly indistinguishable. With many improvements made in the manufacturing industry, both solid and engineered slats are now incredibly similar. In the end, there is now no clear advantage of one installation over the other. Instead, choosing which slats are better, all comes down to your specific preferences.

Solid hardwood flooring

Unsurprisingly, as the name implies, solid planks are made entirely from whole sections of wood. Available in various species, you can choose among woods like walnut, oak, or maple. One significant advantage to the solid surfacing is the ability to sand and revarnish slats several times. The thicker the planks, the more often you can redo your floors, leading to a longer lifespan. Typically, solid slats are also narrower than engineered ones, available in either unfinished or pre-finished. In terms of colors, the range of tones and shades is virtually limitless.

Engineered wood floors

On the surface, engineered planks look just like solid wood slats. This appearance is due to the superficial layer of the installation, a thin section of genuine wood that is firmly secured to its core. Ordinarily, this core is made from high-quality, hard-wearing plywood. As such, the cost of such surfacing is usually less expensive than solid slats. Engineered floorboards are also wider, with slightly beveled edges. When it comes to styles and colors, engineered floors have an equally impressive range of design and species choices.

Beautiful floors for your redesign

At Worden Interiors, we are a hardwood flooring company that carries many choices of beautiful, high-quality wood flooring. Visit our Frankenmuth, MI showroom today to find the ideal installation for your home or speak to our experts. We proudly service the Birch Run, Vassar, and Caro areas. So whether it's engineered or solid hardwood flooring, you're sure to get what you need at Worden Interiors.