Yes, some carpet fibers have excellent durability and resiliency. That adds up to increased crush resistance. Read more about it below. 

Know what crushing is

Crushing is when the rug's fibers collapse and look flat and matted. Resiliency is the ability of the rug to bounce back into its original shape after compression. When there's no resiliency, there's more crushing. 

Crushing can be caused by anything. One of the most common reasons is persistent foot traffic; over time, it can even look like there are little matted paths.

Another is when heavy furniture is placed on the rug; carpet store professionals might tell you to move furniture around occasionally to help avoid the problem.

The best crush-resistant carpets

  1. Nylon: This synthetic fiber is well-known for superior residency. It comes in many colors, patterns, designs, and styles. It's a good choice for large families and heavily trafficked rooms. 
  2. SmartStrand: This carpet's durability and resilience were even tested by Mohawk in the cage of a 5400-pound rhinoceros! At the end of two weeks, there was still no damage. 
  3. Wool: A natural fiber with outstanding resiliency.

Feel free to come into our showroom when shopping for carpet in Frankenmuth, MI. You'll see designs from Karastan, Mohawk, Kane, and more.

What you can do

  1. Vacuum regularly, even when it doesn't look dirty. Sometimes you won't see the patches of dirt or dust that weigh down the fibers. Vacuuming lifts them.
  2. Move furniture around–once a month, if possible. 
  3. Use furniture coasters. They're flat discs that slide under furniture legs to distribute weight.

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